Trailer Wars

Seems like they have started… Two more teasing trailers

Process Films “A Shot In The Dark” Trailer #2

featuring awsm stunts of Fredrik Austbø, Petter Kristiansen, Tore Holvik, Torgeir Berre, Ulrik Badertscher, Aleksander Oestreng, Mats Hofgaard, Roger Kleivdal, Joacim Nyhaugen, Mikkel Bang, Pål Sørensen, Torjus Thomassen, Daniel Josefsen and Sondre Tiller


Brothers Factory “Tabarnac”

with footage of Frank April, Franck Bourgeois, Jeremy Cloutier, Nic Sauve, Jason Dubois, Yan Dofin, Zach Aller, Louif Paradis, Charles Reid, Guillaume Marquis, Anto Chamberland and Max Legend


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